Dark Heresy 2016

Prison Riot
Hulk Arm and TRex Arm

Desolieum (Hive World)


Saige and Killian arrive on Desolieum at the request of of the Inquisition. Following reports of unusual mutant activity in the underhive, they report to the Arbites station. Augustus was undercover searching for Tristan, a seeker in pursuit of the same artifact. After brief introductions, a gunshot fires in the room behind them and a riot breaks out.

The Riot

After taking the arm off a dead guard (for the biolocks… I promise) the party takes an elevator up to the next floor in search of weapons where they recruit the help of two prison guards with shotguns. Once they have weapons and assistance, they take the elevator up to the first floor.

The Elevator

The elevator lurches to a stop between the 2nd and 3rd floors and prisoners pour in. Tristan drops the first prisoner as he enters and 3 more drop behind him. Killian dominates one prisoner, causing him to fight his ally. Saige dispatches another with a swift kick to the gut. Finally, Augustus demolishes the third enemy with a right hook and the party continues up the elevator shaft. In the elevator shaft they catch glimpses of the riot on each floor. At one point they catch a guard shooting another guard.

The Lobby


At the top floor the party came across a mutant brute with one hulk arm and one t rex arm with multiple guards calling it “My Lord”. The party charges in with biolightening, shotguns, and pistols blaring. Tristan wrecks the brute with his first shot but the rest of the team promptly ignored it. The brute manages to critically damage Saige and a guard critically damages Killian but Augustus finally managed to kill the brute.

The Arbites

After the battle, the team joined in with the arbites again. Augustus researched the family related to the ancient artifact, Tristan researched the artifact he was seeking.


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